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About Us

GEOMETRIC STEELS is one of the names, most reliable in the Evolution Roofing product & system. Our products are produced at a state of the art manufacturing facility in Kurkumbh MIDC near Pune, Maharashtra, India. With all the latest technology and advance machineries, combination of a well-motivated workforce lead by a dedicated management team with the latest equipment’s and pioneering technologies used for an accurate and high-quality product.The aim of the business is to meet the particular requirements of clients by offering them quality at a reasonable price.

Why Us

Geometric Steels core mission is centered around the creation of outstanding, well-ventilated buildings that prioritize the comfort and productivity of their occupants and staff. Our approach involves a combination of innovative design elements to achieve this goal.
First, we incorporate Airflow Ridgevents to act as exhaust vents that are strategically placed on the roof of the building. These vents are designed to efficiently expel stale air and excess heat, ensuring a constant flow of fresh air throughout the building.



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Simultaneously, we incorporate Geometric steels specially designed louvers as intake vents, strategically placed to facilitate the influx of cool, clean air from the outside. This natural ventilation system helps maintain optimal indoor air quality while regulating temperatures within the building.
Furthermore, our commitment to occupant comfort extends to the roof, where we utilize cutting-edge thermal insulation roofing and cladding sheets Metahybrid. These advanced materials effectively block radiant heat from the sun, preventing it from penetrating the building. As a result, the interior remains naturally cool and comfortable even in the face of scorching outdoor temperatures.
This combination of ventilation and insulated roof not only keeps the buildings cool but also has a direct impact on the well-being of the occupants and staff. By providing a consistently comfortable and refreshing indoor environment, we enhance the energy and efficiency levels of those working or residing within our buildings. The result is a space where people can thrive, be more productive, and feel their best, aligning perfectly with Geometric Steel's mission to deliver excellence in architectural design and occupant well-being.


Geometric Steel has taken a proactive approach by developing a diverse range of ridge vents, such as hat top ridge vent, monitor type ridge vent, onion type ridge vent, apex type ridge vent and door type & louver type smoke vent, recognizing the critical role of proper ventilation in buildings. With a focus on optimal airflow management, Geometric Steel's initiative aims to cater to the unique needs of architects, industrial contractors, and factory owners. By offering tailored solutions for different building geometries, internal use, and weather conditions, we enable the creation of healthier and more sustainable indoor environments. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures reliable performance and longevity of our ridge vents, empowering professionals in the construction industry to enhance occupant comfort and create sustainable built environments with energy efficient solutions.


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GEOMETRIC STEELS is not a steel trader but is valued as one of the premier companies in industrial Roofing and is known for its constant innovation to become a key Solutions provider for the ever-growing need for infrastructure in the globe.

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To be the most admired technologically-driven company for the industrial roofing Sector by delivering cost-effective and innovative options to Infrastructure Industry. To become one of the best roof company among all roofing companies in India and the world. The satisfaction of our customers is the primary driver behind all of our actions, and we always strive to improve our services. The quality is one thing that Geometric Steels is proud of. Product innovation, unmatched quality, prompt customer service, and timely delivery are some of the hallmarks for which GEOMETRIC STEELS is known today in the Country.