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Door Type Smoke Vent for Enhanced Safety

Clear the path for safety.

In fire safety, Door Type Smoke Vents are lifesavers. Fires are devastating, but it's the smoke they create that's often more lethal. These vents are the solution.

Imagine a building on fire with toxic smoke filling the air. Door Type Smoke Vents automatically open in such emergencies. Their simple yet effective design allows smoke to escape quickly, keeping escape routes clear and helping firefighters see better.

Smoke can be deadlier than fire itself, as it reduces oxygen and contains toxic fumes. Without Door Type Smoke Vents, buildings become dangerous traps.

Door Type Smoke Vents are unsung heroes in fire safety. They ensure that during fires, smoke is managed swiftly and effectively.

The doors can be manufactured in aluminium double layer with or without thermal isolation, the same alloy as the base and the polycarbonate. The doors drain water to the outside and have EPDM gaskets to ensure complete sealing.

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The quality of the materials and actuators which form the Geometric Steels smoke vent allows not only its use for smoke and hot gas exhaust in case of a fire and is the ideal system for everyday natural air circulation. In emergencies, this ventilator has a mechanical interlock that guarantees its opening despite suffering damage in case of fire. Both systems, pneumatic and electric, need minimal maintenance, dependent on use.

The electric option comes with electrical actuators up to 24 V DC, whereas the pneumatic option is able to assemble pneumatic cylinders based on the demands.

Double flap ventilator with a large extraction capacity Its large dimensions, a geometric surface area, make the smoke vent ideally suited to the effective extraction of the significant quantity of hot air and smoke available in different base types, with pneumatic or electric control Area of application: particularly suitable for distribution centers, storage facilities, production environments, Industries where it is essential that the product is not contaminated with harmful chemicals such as silicones, or other harmful substances.

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  • Reduce the risk of death by limiting the risk of inhaling smoke and keeping the fire escape routes clear of smoke
  • Provide a smoke-free area for fire-fighters tackling the blaze
  • Enables the fire to be tackled at earlier stages
  • Reduce internal smoke damage
  • To ensure safe escape for occupants
  • Reduce the thermal effects on structural parts in the event of an event like a fire.
  • Reduce damage caused by thermal decomposition and hot gases.
  • ECONOMICAL Variable ventilator sizing can reduce capital outlay.
  • ATTRACTIVE Low streamlined appearance.
  • MATERIALS is Manufactured in plain galvanised steel, aluminum, and pre-painted finishes.
  • INSTALLATION easily and quickly installed on all types of industrial roofing.
  • WEATHER TIGHT aerodynamically designed to exclude wind and rain.
  • Maintenance testing of all smoke Ventilators / Heat Release Ventilators is mandated by Health and Safety Municipal Regulations.
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Rooftop smoke vents automatically open to release heat, smoke, and noxious fumes in the event of a fire emergency, Smoke vents realized early on, and the importance of enabling smoke to escape during a fire. We have been manufacturing our Smoke and heat exhaust ventilators and should be a legal requirement for all public places our design provides a safe means of roof access from a staircase whilst also providing a lifesaving smoke ventilator in a neat combined unit. Our natural flap ventilator is available in a wide range of sizes, and various control options. It is suited to most industrial and commercial buildings hospitals, all crowded public buildings, and metro stations, we can provide both day-to-day and smoke ventilation, as well as permit the entry of natural daylight if fitted with polycarbonate lids option.It is possible to offer the most efficient efficiency from a natural ventilation that has high aerodynamic performance and offers options to provide greater insulation for both acoustic and thermal.

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